I design experiences and interfaces for applications.


To transform your idea into the best app possible, I need to know many important things. For beginning, I will ask you for detailed brief, based on which I can also tell you expectations for delivery and cost.




Once a brief is complete, I can start to work on wireframes. To understand the user flow, to explore all possible scenarios and to solve all potential issues.

Then it's time to create visuals. Your app should be as nice as possible, but also consistent with your brand. Once all screens are finished, I will provide all high quality source files and pixel perfect assets.


If needed, I can create an animation of your application, so developers will better understand the behavior that is expected from the app.

Product vision for AVG Technologies

During my contract collaboration with AVG Technologies I've created design vision for products line. Below is a selection of 3 of them.


Part of complete product line redesign for AVG Technologies was Antivirus. Goal was to create new user interface, consistent across all platforms, modern and easy to use.

iOS Antivirus

One of my concepts of Antivirus for iOS. My personal goal was to create an easy to use interface, with eye catching scanner, that would keep users entertained during the scan.

Web application

One of my web app concepts. My goal was to create multi-device user interface.

SMB CloudCare

Cloud Care is a web app solution for small businesses. It helps you remotely maintenance computers of your employes.


Goal was to revitalize UI.

It was achieved by using light colors, larger spacing and mainly by simplifying complex elements.

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is an app for Android Phones, to make them faster, to extend their battery life and most importantly, to clean their memory storage.
Installed over 10 million times.


Goal was to simplify user interface and to bring visual appearance not just closer to the AVG Brand, but also further.

Simplifying UI was achieved by enlarging main action, shrinking secondary actions, eliminating not important elements and by using animations.

Bringing visuals closer to brand was achieved by
using specific colors, fonts and icons. Thanks to the animations, design was moved even further and started redesign of other AVG mobile and desktop products.

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